About me

Guitar-001I am a musician, poet, painter, photographer, and paranormal investigator. I seek balance in everything that I do. I have a very progressive mindset that compels me to constantly improve myself so that I may hopefully improve the world around me.

I picked up my first instrument, the guitar, the day that I turned 12 years old. It didn’t take long before I began my instrument collection; I picked up a bass, djembe, didjeridoo, keyboard, drums, ocarina, some various native american flutes, maracas, a ukulele – the list is a little ridiculous. While I admit, I am by no means a maestro on any of these instruments, I like to have them around for the versatility and worldly presence they give my recorded music. I know a good bit about music theory, but I never let myself venture too far into the beaten path for any given instrument (aside from guitar). I feel like my best work comes from times when I feel a bit whimsical and pick up, let’s say, that ukulele that I haven’t touched in months. Rather than letting myself revert to patterns I’ve learned from a lesson or teacher, I’m forced to fiddle with the instrument until I find something that sounds good. To me, that discovery is a huge part of what makes music so fun, and it works for me. Then I pick up the instrument that I know a bit more about, like my guitar or bass, and begin writing the accompaniment to that unique hook. I think that whole process adds a unique factor to my music that you just don’t hear that often.

Another recurring element to my music is that I often try to simplify a song as much as possible. Generally, the majority of my songs are based on progressions of nothing more than two basic chords. I like to warp those chords and layer the music in a way that it sounds more complicated than that, but in the end, that’s really all it is: just two chords. Some of my favorite songwriters (Kurt Cobain, Brandon Boyd, Mike Shinoda, etc.) have a similar approach, and I guess it fascinates me in a way. Simplicity really is bliss, and music is a magical thing that can beautify that simplicity.

Needless to say, it’s hard to fit my music into one particular genre; I make some electronica, acoustic jams, poppy rock songs, and even a bit of rap, and sometimes, this all seems to get mashed together into what I believe to be some truly cool stuff to listen to.

If there’s anything else that you must know about me, it’s that I absolutely love the band Incubus. Brandon Boyd (the lead singer) is a genius, and has provided me with more inspiration than I could have ever hoped for. That statement isn’t necessarily confined to the musical realm either; I’ve taken up painting, poetry, a desire to eventually open up a charity similar to Incubus’s Make Yourself Foundation one day if and when my music reaches a level where I feel like I can legitimately do that. But I digress, I should probably stop fan-girling before I let this “About Me” turn into an “About my love for Incubus!”

If you would like to follow my progress, here are several links to sites that I update fairly frequently:

YouTube – Not a lot here yet, but that’s coming soon!

Facebook – I think you know what happens here!

Twitter – And here, too…

ReverbNation – Has some older songs on it. All purchases here have 50% of the proceeds go to the Fender Music Foundation.

Soundcloud – This has several older “B-sides” and various collaborative works, along with my releases to date.

Bandcamp – Here you can choose to buy my music for the price listed, or you can choose the price you pay for it if you are feeling extra generous!

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