New Artwork for “Awake” EP

Front Cover

Cover art for my Awake EP, due out Oct. 28.

So I’ve finally got the cover art finished for the upcoming release of my new EP, “Awake.” I took this photo a couple of years ago while staying in Cascais, which is a small town on the coast of Portugal. The views in this beautifully exotic town definitely awakened my creativity, and I think it’s a fitting visualization of the ideas behind the music in this collection of songs.

I chose the title “Awake” for several reasons. The song is the first to appear on the EP, and this is because it was the first song I ever recorded. I spent probably well over a hundred hours (maybe two hundred!) between writing, tweaking, and rewriting parts of this song, and recording and then re-recording those parts over the course of the past 5 years. Along the way, I was learning how to use the recording equipment and software that I had available, and learning how to somewhat-properly apply different recording techniques. This song signaled an “awakening” of my true interest in music and the recording aspect of it, and I did a lot of growing as an artist and as an individual in the production of this song. As a result, it’s my favorite recording to date, and the one I’m most proud of. I’d love to know in the comments who all would be interested in hearing a snippet of it before the official release date. I’m definitely excited for people to finally hear what I’ve been working on!

Please, keep an eye on this site over the next few weeks! I’ll post lyrics to each song in the lead up to the release, along with some other cool stuff to keep everyone in the loop! Thanks for all the interest this project is getting!


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